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This new website has been created to promote the activities of the Bangor Mussel Producers Association and our commitment to maintaining a sustainable mussel industry here in North Wales. Please do give us your feedback and comments by email to [email protected] and we will keep you updated of all the relevant industry news...


WORLD FIRST! Bangor Mussel Producers are awarded the first enhanced fishery sustainable fishing certification.

The Marine Stewardship Council, after over a year of assessment covering all aspects of our mussel farming, have endorsed the sustainable practices we use - this is the first time in the world that this prestigious award has been given to an enhanced fishery. For more details, visit the Marine Stewardship Council website to view the MSC Certification.


Menai Mussels is an association of four businesses located in North Wales. The official name of the association is the Bangor Mussel Producers Limited and the following businesses make up the association:

  • Extramussel Limited

  • Deepdock Limited

  • Myti Mussels Limited

  • Ogwen Mussel Limited

The Association employs over 20 staff and operates 4 boats from Bangor and Holyhead to farm mussel beds along the North East coast of Anglesey.

Extramussel Limited

Refail Llanffinan, Llangefni, Anglesey LL77 7SN.

Owned and operated by Trevor Jones. Trevor has farmed mussels in the Menai Strait since 1993. He has a Class 1 Skipper's ticket.

He is a Sea Fish Industry Authority Approved Instructor delivering safety courses in Sea Survival; Fire Fighting: First Aid etc. to new entrants to the fishing industry.

He also delivers NVQ Level 2, 3 and 4 courses in fishing operations in the Isle of Man on behalf of the Welsh Seafish Training Association of which he is a board member.

Trevor was a Committee Member of the North Western and North Wales Sea Fisheries Committee until it was subsumed into the Welsh Assembly Government in April 2010.

Trevor also sits on the Maritime and Coastguard Agency Fishing Industry Safety Group Technical Operations Sub Committee, considering safety issues in the fishing industry and implementing safer working practice.

One day he intends to become a Master Mariner and sail around the world, but not necessarily in that order.


Deepdock Limited 

Bwthyn y Mor, Llanfaethlu, Holyhead, Anglesey, LL65 4HD

Owned and operated by Andrew and James Wilson and Graham Wood. Graham Wood holds a class 1 Skipper's ticket.

James graduated from Plymouth University in 1993 with a degree in Marine Biology and has continued his postgraduate education. He has been involved in the extensive culture of mussels in Wales and Northern Ireland for the past decade. A marine scientist by education, he has worked in the past for NFFO, BIM, CEMARE in Europe and alongside DFO/FOC and First Nations on the Canadian Pacific Coast.

He was a Welsh Office/Welsh Assembly Government appointee on the North Western and North Wales Sea Fisheries Committee and is a member of the Seafish Board and currently Chairman of the Shellfish Association of Great Britain Mollusc Committee.


Myti Mussels Limited 

Port Penrhyn, Bangor, Gwynedd, LL57 4HN

Owned and operated by Kim Mould. Kim graduated from Bangor University in 1970 with a degree in Marine Biology.

After working in the shellfish industry, Kim established Mytimussels in 1982, primarily trading as depuration facility (cleaning & preparing harvested mussels) & distribution in UK. In 1985, the company started farming and in 1991 built their first new vessel in Wales, the Bonny & Kelly. This vessel was lengthened by 7m from 16.5m to 23.5 m in 1997 and in 1999 a new vessel,

The  Mytilus was built – this was a state of the art 24m boat that enabled the use of advanced farming techniques. In 2003, the much larger Valente was built with a length of 43m and in 2004 the Lôlipop was built and added to the fleet.




We are committed to ensuring our operations support a sustainable and vibrant coastal environment and we are highly regulated to ensure our activities do not harm the environment – there is more about this in the Environment (link) section.

As we constantly strive to improve our performance, we have been recognised for a number of different aspects of the business, the main awards being listed here:

  • Marine Stewardship Council Enhanced Fishery - Sustainable Fishing Certification 2010 - 2015.

  • Winner of the Wales True Taste export achievement award in 2010.

  • Responsible Fishing Scheme, Sea Fish Industry Authority 2007-2010 – Responsible Fishing Specification of Good Practice for Fishing Vessels awarded to Valente for shellfish.

  • Responsible Fishing Scheme, Sea Fish Industry Authority 2007-2010 – Responsible Fishing Specification of Good Practice for Fishing Vessels awarded to Alice for shellfish.

  • The Seafood Awards 2005, Aquaculture Producer’s Award Winner to Myti Mussels Ltd for Seafish.

  • Ship of the Year 2005 – Awarded to Lôlipop’s sister ship that used the same design.





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